The Hike-In

The hike-in to our cabins follows an old forest service road which climbs 1,350 vertical feet over 2.15 miles and usually takes guests 1.5 hrs +/- depending on pace and breaks. 

Our Trailhead is a gravel parking lot located off Highway 209 at 19001 NC-209 Hot Springs, NC 28743. The lot is marked with a Hipcamp sign and a blue striped mailbox. Please park on the sides of the lot, away from the gray gate, to avoid towing and allow access for our farmer friends and neighbors.  

After securing your car, and grabbing your gear, begin your journey by passing through the hiker’s gate and following the forest service road. At .5 miles in you will find a second gate. Unlatch the gate, pass through, and then please make sure to close the gate as this lower area of the mountain is an active cow pasture. The cows are peaceful beasts, but please respect their space and take pictures only from a distance. 

When you reach the creek you are halfway through your journey. Take a break here, refresh in the cool air and tranquil sounds, and then continue up the mountain. When you reach the ridge line, 2 miles into your journey, you will enter a large clearing and catch your first glimpse of the cabins! 

If you would like to track your journey you can download the free GAIA GPS app which can operate without cell service (See detailed trail map from GAIA below)

We suggest that our guests pack light for their trip to make the hike-in more enjoyable. 

Please park at the base only after you have secured reservations online as there is no cell service available.